>Back in the swing of things

>Long time since my last update. I have been battling some malware that infected my computer, so my ability to get online and do any updating has been quite limited. Anyways…

After spending 10 days sitting on the couch as much as possible after IM Arizona, I got back to work on Dec 3 with some unstructured swimming and biking. Formal training with Coach Tim started up again on Dec 14. It’s going well so far, as my power numbers on the bike continue to improve, and my times in pool continue to drop. Swimming is going to be a big focus this winter, as it is clearly my weakest discipline.

Running here has been extremely fun. When the roads are dry, I get out and do some normal running, but I’ve discovered that it’s much more fun when there’s some fresh powder on the mountains in my backyard (and we’ve been getting a lot of fresh powder lately!). I just slap on some snowshoes or some yaktrax and make my own trails in the snow. Good times.

Also… in case you weren’t aware of this, a lot of dogs LOVE running around in circles in deep snow. By coincidence, I love running around in circles in deep snow, too. This works out well for everyone involved. So, if you ever want to add some speed work to your winter running workouts, just run to the closest dog park when there’s some fresh powder. After that, it’s pretty simple. A couple of dogs will usually be willing to play tag, and they can usually last about 10 minutes before tiring out. Fun times for all.

I’m heading up to Breckenridge for New Year’s Eve, and then it’s on to Tucson, AZ for 2 months of training. My buddy Ethan and I subletted a condo there, and I think we’ll get a lot of good work done. Ethan is mega fast, so it should be fun trying to keep up during workouts.

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