Race Results

Race Time Place
2019 (Pro)
SwimRun North Carolina 26-Oct
Imogene Pass Run 7-Sep
Ironman Lake Placid 28-Jul
Challenge Roth 9:04:45 29th pro
Sean O’Brien 100k Trail Run 13:48:09 68th
2018 (Pro)
Ironman Boulder 9:04:20 10th
Sean O’Brien 100k Trail Run 14:12:36 71st
2017 (Pro)
Challenge Aruba Beer Mile 5:52 1st
Ironman Louisville 9:10:12 21st
Ironman Lake Placid 9:23:25 12th
Ironman 70.3 Eagleman 4:22:25 19th
2016 (Pro)
Ironman Arizona 8:48:53 24th
Ironman Vineman 9:02:18 8th
Musselman Half-Iron 4:16:02 3rd
Ironman North American Championship 8:16:04 33rd
2015 (Pro)
Ironman Arizona 8:58:39 22nd
Ironman Chattanooga 8:54:59 23rd
Ironman Mont Tremblant 9:17:48 11th
Cayuga Lake Triathlon 2:10:07 1st
Musselman Half Iron 4:27:46 6th
Ironman Coeur d’Alene (flat tire) 9:48:28 13th
2014 (Pro)
Ironman Chattanooga 8:54:45 18th
Challenge Penticton 9:11:24 9th
Cayuga Lake Triathlon 2:07:36 1st
Boulder Peak 5150 2:07:20 20th
Ironman Texas 8:56:46 15th
Ironman 70.3 US Pro Championship 4:26:33 40th
Ironman Los Cabos 9:13:14 13th
2013 (Pro)
Ironman Lake Tahoe 9:37:50 15th
Ironman Lake Placid 9:08:49 7th
Musselman 4:20:51 1st
Ironman 70.3 Syracuse 4:25:22 6th
Keuka Lake Triathlon 2:08:33 3rd
Fly By Night Duathlon 1:21:45 2nd
Binghamton Bridge Run Half Marathon 1:16:52 11th
Skunk Cabbage Half Marathon 1:20:35 6th
Ironman Los Cabos 9:37:26 16th
2012 (Pro)
Leadman Epic 250 9:09:53 10th
Rev3 Cedar Point 9:15:27 14th
Cayuga Lake Triathlon 2:10:31 1st
Ironman Lake Placid 9:33:25 5th
Vestal XX 1:18:24 8th
Rev3 Quassy 4:35:36 22nd
Leadman 125 5:09:46 5th
2011 (1st half of year as Amateur, 2nd half of year as Pro)
Ironman Arizona 9:09:57 34th
Soma Triathlon 4:21:50 9th
Rev3 Cedar Point 9:04:08 7th
Ironman Coeur d’Alene 9:19:09 1st Amateur
Ironman 70.3 New Orleans 3:45:09 14th Amateur
Great Clermont Triathlon 2:10:45 10th
Gator Half Ironman 4:07:21 1st
2010 (Amateur)
Ironman World Championship 9:31:21 171st
Boulder Sunset Triathlon 2:03:24 1st
Imogene Pass Run 2:54:23 38th
Ironman Coeur d’Alene 9:27:37 5th Amateur
American Triple T 10:01:xx 8th
Wildflower Half Iron 4:37:08 7th Amateur
2009 (Amateur)
Ironman Arizona 9:32:23 29th Amateur
Pumpkinman 5:10:18 1st
Ironman Louisville 9:54:38 57th
Musselman 4:32:53 5th
Wildflower Half Iron 4:50:21 103rd
2008 (Amateur)
Collegiate National Championships 2:10:39 98th
2007 (Amateur)
Greater Cleveland Half Iron 4:52:39 9th
Cayuga Lake Triathlon 2:22:47 19th
Ironman Lake Placid 10:46:58 138th
Ironman Coeur d’Alene 10:59:33 228th
Collegiate National Championships 2:11:24 127th
2006 (Amateur)
Cayuga Lake Triathlon 2:33:19 36th

Collegiate Rowing Highlights (at Cornell University)

-2002 Intercollegiate Rowing Association National Champion, Men’s Varsity Pair, set a course record that stood for 4 years (6:53.76)

-Former World Record holder, Lightweight Men’s Indoor 100-km row (6:54:56)

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