Go Time

I’ll keep this short…

It’s race week for Ironman Lake Placid.  Less than 7 days to go now…  I’ve given up a lot for this race – including “sabotaging” the first half of my racing season.  What I mean by “sabotaging” is that is up until April, I wasn’t really doing “triathlon specific” training, I was just working on fixing some limiters (swim durability, bike strength).  Tim and Jesse decided that I needed about 3 months of “race specific triathlon training” to get ready for an Ironman, so I started running again in April, and I’ve been building up the mileage ever since.  I’ve had some relatively slow performances thus far in 2012, largely as a result of the way I’ve prepared for, and solely focused on, Lake Placid.  I didn’t really care how I did at Leadman or Quassy, they were just workouts to help my Placid preparation.  This took a lot more discipline than you might think – I went into these races knowing I would get beat, by a lot.  But I was willing to accept those beatings, because I knew it was all a part of chasing after a bigger goal.

Well, Ironman Lake Placid is here, and it’s Go Time in about 156 hours.  Time to unveil what I’ve been obsessively working on for the last 9 months.  I’m not really sure what my time will be, or what place I’ll finish in.  I just know it’ll be a lot better than anything I’ve ever done before.

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