Swimming For Money!!! (for other people)

Because I’m bored and need some motivation, I’ve decided to swim to give away some money this week (I realize that this probably doesn’t make much sense, but whatever).  At any rate, for every 100 yds that I’m over 40,000 yds this week, I’ll give $10 to the charity of YOUR choice.  So, for example, if I swim 41,400 yds, it’ll be $140.  Charity will be determined by voting, which can be done by commenting on this blog entry, emailing me, tweeting me @runDMCracing, calling me, or using any other creative forms of communication you can think of.  (and I wouldn’t complain if anyone comes up with matching donations, haha!)

Until next time… keep training hard, and resting harder,

Doug MacLean

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