>First workout on the TT bike of 2011

>Today was my first workout on the TT bike since October.  The ride was about 70 minutes of flat, and 110 minutes of gentle rolling hills. 

Based on how it went, I’d say Project Quadzilla is on track.  The most noteworthy piece of data is the cadence.  I rode the workout at 84 rpm, which is a far cry from my typical 95-100 rpm.  Riding with a low cadence is something Coach Tim had me focusing on all winter, as we were trying to increase my leg strength.  So yeah, I’m gonna say the fact that I was comfortable at 84 rpm is a good sign.

Legend –   T = Time, P = Power, H = Heartrate, S = Speed, C = Cadence, D = Distance, E = Energy (kilojoules)

Until next time, keep training hard, and resting harder,
Doug MacLean

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