>The Eating Habits of Someone Who Does Nothing With Their Life Except Training

>    A couple of posts ago, I wrote about daily nutrition and how the principles of the Core Diet should influence your eating habits.  Depending on your daily activities, your current body composition, and your body composition goals, you can come up with countless dietary combinations to properly apply these principles.   Since I’m guessing I probably have somewhat unusual eating habits, I thought it might be fun to give you a run down of what I eat in a typical day  (now keep in mind, I’m training 25-26 hours per week right now).  Some other things to note:

-This isn’t some “special” day, where I modified my diet so that it looks a certain way on the blog. This is very representative of what I eat on a daily basis.  Although maybe it’s a little lower than my typical calorie intake, because my training volume was relatively low today.
-I don’t count calories.  Never have, never will.  I eat based on experience and what I think my body needs.
-I’m holding a steady weight right now, between 167-171 lbs, depending on my hydration levels.
-I didn’t have any long workouts today, so I didn’t consume any gels or sports drink.  I typically do “long” workouts on 4 days per week, and on those days, you could add about 600-1200 calories from sports drinks and gels.
-You may think my fat intake is a bit high, relative to carbohydrates and proteins.  Well, I’ll put it this way – in terms of volume, it’s much more efficient to get your calories from fat than carbohydrates.  It causes very painful levels of fullness to put down enough “lean” calories to maintain weight, so I seek out extra fat so that I can keep my food volumes lower and not feel like a pregnant lady.

So… without further ado, here are some screeegrabs from my food log for Feb 15, 2011, on http://www.fitday.com

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