>Project Quadzilla Update


  Well, here we are, 2 months after I started Project Quadzilla.  Thanks to some heavy lifting, low cadence riding, and lots of Athlete’s Honey Milk (shameless plug!  but for realz, I love AHM), I’d say it’s been a success.  I put on 12 pounds, mostly in my quads and lats (based on body fat measurements, it looks like 7 lbs of muscle and 5 lbs of fat).  By the end of my lifting phase, I was front squatting 145 lbs for reps, and I was able to do 6 pull-ups with a 45 lb plate hanging off my waist.  That may not sound very impressive to juice heads*, but you gotta remember, I’m a skinny little triathlete, so I’m pretty happy with that level of strength.
*Juice Head related note:  season premiere of Jersey Shore this week! Break out your Affliction v-necks, giant sunglasses, and tanning beds!

   Besides adding muscle mass to my quads, the other major goal was fixing my swimming.  Thanks to some focused paddle work and video analysis, I now actually have a catch at the front end.  And while I’m not where I need to be with my pull or hip rotation (yet), things are clearly moving in the right direction.  If you saw me in the pool now, you might actually think I’m an ex-high school swimmer, which is huge progress.

   And now, the obvious question is… what have you done to address your limiters over the last 2 months?  Have you fixed your limiters, or do the same ones still exist?  If the same limiters still exist for you, then there’s no time like the present to get to work.  Racing season is only 3 months away!

until next time… keep training hard, and resting harder,
Doug MacLean

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